Will Commercial Insurance Cover Cyber Fraud?

While we may be used to hearing about the major hacks in the cases of big businesses, there’s another threat out there for all business owners that may not be as readily apparent. When it comes to small businesses, cyber fraud has never been more prevalent. As the risks grow, commercial insurance policy owners in Oviedo, FL need to become aware of just how devastating it may be to go through a hack, and whether or not they have enough insurance protection to cover it. 

Cyber Fraud and Commercial Insurance 

The short answer is that commercial insurance will cover cyber fraud if an owner experiences a hack. The long answer is that most business owners don’t have enough protection when it comes to covering all their potential losses. There are many ways that business owners may be held liable when it comes to cyber theft. It’s not just about criminals stealing credit card data anymore. If a hacker is able to get into your system and steal the personal details of your customers, they may commit identity theft in the form of anything from medical to financial fraud. You may be sued as the responsible party for all of the damages your customers sustained, which can instantly wipe out profits or savings. 

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