Benefits of Getting Auto Insurance in Florida

Oviedo, FL is an excellent place for people to live as it has a great local economy and other local benefits. If you do live in this area of Florida, it is vital that you get auto insurance. There are several benefits that you will receive when you have a car insurance policy in place. 

Liability Coverage

One of the best benefits that come when you get car insurance is that you will receive liability insurance coverage. Even if you think you are a perfect and safe driver, there is always a chance that you could be at fault in a car accident whenever you take your car out on the road. Due to this continued risk, you need to make sure that you always have auto insurance in place. The liability component will protect you in the event you are found to be at fault for an accident that results in damage.

Protects Property

Beyond having the liability coverage, you also need to make sure that your valued asset is covered as well. A car is a critical asset that requires a significant investment to buy. Due to this, you always need to make sure that you get a full insurance policy in place whenever you buy a car. This insurance will protect you from a variety of situations that could result in a loss. 

If you are going to buy a car in Florida, you need to make sure that you have auto insurance at all times. When you are looking for a policy in the Oviedo, FL area, you should make sure that you call the Karla Salmon Insurance Agency. When you do this, the team at Karla Salmon Insurance will help you to figure out what your best insurance options are. This will make sure that you get the best coverage possible. Contact our office for more information.

What Your Teen Should Know About Auto Insurance

Getting a driver’s license is a huge milestone for any teenager. It can also be a time of worry for parents. Karla Salmon Insurance is dedicated to helping our Oviedo, FL families navigate the exciting, and sometimes scary, world of auto insurance for teens. Here we have created a shortlist of important insurance facts every teen driver should know.

Insurance Is Required By Law

Every vehicle you drive in Florida must meet the minimum legal insurance requirement. This means you have to have at least personal injury protection and property damage liability on your car insurance policy. If you cannot show proof of insurance, then you could face conviction, fines, and have your license suspended for violating the law. 

Stay Safe

Florida is a Zero Tolerance state for driving under the influence as a minor. If you are caught driving drunk under the age of 21 you will have your license suspended. Reckless driving (such as causing property damage or texting while driving) also has long-lasting consequences for your driving record. These dangerous activities can have a negative impact on your standing with your insurance provider. Not only could you risk losing your insurance or license, but you are also endangering your life and those around you.

Responsible Driving Is Rewarding

Being a smart, conscientious driver is not only safe, but it’s also rewarding, too. Many communities in and around Oviedo, FL offer special recognition for teen drivers that practice good driving habits. Look into your local chapter of Students Against Destructive Decisions (SADD) for fun and educational driver safety instruction. Taking a driver training course, keeping up good grades, and obeying underage traffic curfews all look fantastic on your record for insurance.

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Letting Someone Borrow Your Car? What You Need To Know About auto Insurance Coverage

Did you know that if you let a friend or relative borrow your car, that might affect your auto insurance?

If you have car insurance coverage through Karla Salmon Insurance or any other agency, you are responsible for that coverage. If you aren’t behind the wheel of your car, and neither is someone who shares your policy, you may have to deal with unfavorable consequences whether your car is driven in Oviedo, FL or elsewhere.

Auto Insurance Follows The Car

Don’t let your friend talk you into letting him or her borrow your car by telling you that their car coverage will protect them in case of an accident. If your car is being driven, you are the responsible party. Generally, car insurance coverage is tied to the vehicle, not to the individual who is the policyholder.

If the person borrowing your car is a family member who is explicitly covered by your insurance policy (for instance, your spouse), then there’s nothing to worry about. However, your friend cannot be protected by his or her own policy while driving your car; it’s your insurance that remains in effect.

When your Friend Is At Fault In An Accident

If your friend drives your car and the trip goes smoothly, you are both lucky; your car coverage is not impacted. However, if the uninsured driver causes a car accident with your vehicle, your insurance must pay for both your car’s damages and for the other driver’s accident-related costs.

Though you may not need to pay out of pocket, you may see the impact in the form of a premium raise. Your insurance provider may also change your coverage limits. Of course, if you incur any fees directly resulting from the accident, you can sue the person who borrowed your car in order to force them to pay for the damages. However, your auto insurance impact will last for at least a year or longer.

When The Other Driver Is At Fault

That being said, if the uninsured driver of your collides with another car and the accident is deemed the other party’s fault, your insurance is not responsible. in that case, the other party’s insurance pays for the damages to your car, and may even take care of any medical expenses your uninsured driver may endure.

However, if during the car accident report release and subsequent investigation, your car insurer finds out that in fact, you weren’t the person driving your vehicle, your premiums may hit an all-time high anyway.

Ready To Purchase Your Coverage?

If you need to expand your coverage to include any currently uninsured drivers, you can visit Karla Salmon Insurance anytime. We serve old and new customers alike in the Oviedo, FL area.

Auto Insurance is For Everyone To Know About

Auto insurance is something everyone should know about when purchasing a car. You will want to have a policy ready and be prepared to get your new vehicle insured. Most car dealerships are aware of the process to assist you through the purchase with coverage from your insurance company. The vehicle purchasers should also know the requirements for getting insurance lined up with the exciting new buy. A simple call to Karla Salmon Insurance can guide you through the process for auto insurance. Serving Oviedo, FL, the agents can make it easier to get insurance and fill you in on the state requirements.

Everyone should know about auto insurance with the possibility of accidents occurring at any moment on the road. Being prepared to contact an experienced insurance company can make planning even better. By working with an insurance agent, you can learn more about what a policy will cover, what stipulations you must follow, and how often you should review your coverage. This information is helpful as you work with a dealership or private seller for the new purchase. Insurance for a vehicle should be comforting as buyers are preparing for their choice of a new car. Depending on the vehicle, it may be suggested to carry more than the minimum amount of coverage required by the state. Certain vehicles hold more value than others and this could cause repair and replacement issues with the minimum amount required.

Obtaining a quote for auto insurance can be a simple process. Insurance is for everyone to know about and our excellent staff is ready to build the relationships to make everything easier. Oviedo, FL is a popular location for many commuters. Karla Salmon Insurance is prepared to answer your questions and provide the quality customer service of an experienced insurance company. Being prepared either before or during the purchase of the new vehicle is a smart plan and auto insurance is able to be a simple part of it all.

Car Insurance Terms You Should Know

When shopping for car insurance in Oviedo, FL with an agent at Karla Salmon Insurance, there can be a lot of terms to learn. Knowing these terms can help you better understand your policy and your coverage so that you can stay protected.

  • Deductible: This is the money that you pay out of pocket before the insurance covers the remainder of the claim. Car insurance deductibles can range between $0 and $1,500.
  • Premium: This is the money you pay to the insurance company, so it will pay out claims and provide coverage. This can be paid monthly, every six months, or yearly. Sometimes the premium can also be called the rate. Deductible and premium are connected. A lower deductible usually means a higher premium.
  • Bodily Injury Liability: This coverage will protect you if you cause an accident that results in injuries or death to someone. This helps fund legal defenses and covers the judgments against you.
  • Collision Coverage: This is a type of insurance that will pay if your car is damaged due to an accident. You aren’t required by law to have this insurance, and it’s optional coverage.
  • Comprehensive Coverage: This protects you if something other than an accident damages your car. These events can include theft, animals striking the vehicle, broken windows, natural disasters, storms, or vandalism.
  • At Fault: This is a pretty straightforward term that will describe the party responsible for the accident. For most cases, the driver that is at fault will have to pay for the majority of damages.
  • Liability Limits: Each policy will set a limit on the amount of money that it will pay for injuries and damages. You can raise limits, but this usually means a rise in premiums.
  • Rider: This can also be called an endorsement, and it’s an agreement that is attached to the policy that either decreases or increases the benefits that are typically covered under that policy.

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How to Protect Your Vehicle

With the help of auto insurance, you will protect your vehicle in the event of an accident. But how do you protect your vehicle in other instances? At Karla Salmon Insurance, we desire to help you protect your Oviedo, FL vehicle at all times of the year, regardless of the situation.

Regular Car Washes

It may sound simple, but a regular car wash helps remove the invisible pollution your car collects. Additionally, the humid air often contains salt because of the ocean, which may start to corrode the underside of your vehicle. 

Watch Where You Park

Whenever possible, try to park under a solid structure. This includes your garage or an overhang when at work. During heavy rain and wind storms, falling objects are a significant problem, so parking under protection will help you prevent damage from weather-related issues. 

Window Sun Blocks

Putting up window shades when you’re parked does more than just reduce the temperature inside of your vehicle. It also protects the interior fabric of your vehicle. Over time the areas of your car exposed to intense sunlight will begin to fade in color. So whether you have cloth or leather, it is vital to protect the interior of your vehicle with window sun blocks and shades. 

Wheel Locks

One of the better ways to protect your wheels is to install a wheel lock. The wheel lock makes it more difficult for someone to remove the wheel from your vehicle. It’s an easy upgrade that instantly offers added protection. 

By taking advantage of these tips and tricks, you’ll extend the life of your vehicle. If you’re on the market for new auto insurance, our team at Karla Salmon Insurance will help you find the right insurance options for your Oviedo, FL vehicle. 

Does Auto Insurance Cover Everything?

In Oviedo, FL you must have minimum coverage for personal injury protection (PIP) and property damage liability (PDL) with your auto insurance. Since the state is a "no-fault" insurance state, your insurer will pay medical costs up to the policy limit, even if you caused the accident.

PIP insurance will also cover your child and members of the household, your child riding on a school bus, you as a pedestrian or cyclist, and passengers in your car who don’ have a car or their own PIP insurance. Your PIP insurance will also cover you if you are in someone else’s car during an accident. PDL only covers accidents if you cause the damage to someone else’s property.

With just the minimum coverage, only your medical bills will be covered, and insurance will pay for damage to other people’s property. If you only have the minimum coverage, your auto insurance will not cover any damages to your car, whether or not they are the result of an accident. It’s also important to note your policy limits. The minimum limit for PIP is $10,000 and for PDL is $10,000. If damages or expenses go beyond that, you are responsible.

Since auto insurance does not cover everything, you can get additional coverage through your agent at Karla Salmon Insurance. This coverage can include collision and comprehensive insurance, which can protect your car in the event of an accident or if it’s damaged by something else, such as vandalism. You may be required to purchase these protections if you are financing your car. Bodily injury liability will help protect you if you are being sued after an accident. Even with Florida being a no-fault state, it can still happen.

Contact Karla Salmon Insurance, serving Oviedo, FL, to get a quote on auto insurance to suit your coverage needs.


The Importance of Never Allowing Your Auto Insurance to Lapse

Despite your best efforts, you may find yourself in a situation where it is hard to pay your bills. If you are facing such a case, your auto insurance is one of the bills that you should ensure you pay on time, every month. Here at Karla Salmon Insurance, serving the greater Oviedo, FL area, we know how devastating an auto insurance lapse can be. Here are a few of the reasons why you want to avoid a lapse in your auto insurance. 

Your Vehicle Is Not Insured

One of the biggest reasons why you want to avoid a lapse in auto insurance coverage is because your vehicle is not insured if your auto insurance coverage lapses. If you are in an auto accident, you will have to pay for all of the damage done to your car and the other driver’s car out of your own pocket. 

Your Registration May Be Suspended

In the state of Florida, you are required to carry minimum coverage auto insurance to register your car. If your auto insurance coverage lapses, your registration can be revoked. This can cause you to get pulled over and face a traffic ticket. 

You May Face Higher Auto Insurance Rates in the Future

The last reason you want to ensure your auto insurance policy never lapses is because your auto insurance rates can be higher if you do not have continuous auto insurance. If you have one or more lapses in coverage, you are considered an at-risk driver and many insurers will increase your rates. Maintaining coverage helps to keep your rates lower. 

Auto insurance is something every driver needs. If you are looking for a new auto insurance policy, turn to Karla Salmon Insurance, serving the greater Oviedo, FL area. We can help find you the best policy for your budget and needs. Give us a call today to get started. 

Millenials Take a Different Road to Auto Insurance

Millennials Perception About Insurance

Just like any brand, insurance agencies need to engage their audience with a good story that they can relate to. Millennials have a negative perception about insurance and don’t consider it as important.

Therefore, for the millennial drivers in Oviedo, FL, you need to engage them with well-written content about the minimum requirements that they must meet. Also, why they must carry their personal protection coverage while driving.

Millennials Distrust to Insurance Brands

Millennials purchase different insurance from different providers. Due to lack of incentives, they go an extra mile to shop for the best deals available in the market.

To gain their trust, give appealing incentives to attract their attention. Emphasize on the benefits of the medical and financial coverage.

Millennials and Technology

For many millennials, they prefer online transactions than face-to-face interaction missing out on the opportunities that come along with face-to-face communication such as creating awareness of the dangers of driving while intoxicated.

In order to accommodate everybody on board, insurance agents should come up with specialized online packages through social media specifically for the millennials that are user-friendly.

Millennials Dislike on Insurance

It’s true that the millennials don’t value insurance. Insurance agents should focus on educating the millennial on the importance of the laws that permit drivers to drive legally and the compensation process of property loss and injury. They also must know that there are licensed insurers where they can purchase a policy from.

Specialized Packages for Millennials

Flexible methods of purchasing insurance should be incorporated in the specialized packages. The millennial should be made aware that the personal injury protection covers;

  • Medical expenses incurred by all parties whether at fault or not.
  • A family member who doesn’t have coverage.
  • Unemployed and Retirees

In addition to that, mobile applications should be used. In today’s businesses, mobile applications play a key role. There are mobile applications for every category in the market. Obviously, millennials love their phones so they are more likely to purchase an insurance policy if mobile applications are used.

Building Trust with Millennials

For many millennials, they trust their friend’s opinions rather than the insurance company. In order to gain trust with the millennials, insurance agencies should have reviews on their sites from their happy customers who have benefited from the property damage liability and personal injury protection.

Karla Salmon Insurance Agency in Oviedo, FL is a one-stop-shop. We invest in building trust and personalizing all your needs. For more information, do not hesitate to contact Karla Salmon Insurance so we can help every millennial understand the right auto insurance coverage for them.