Are Outbuildings Covered By My Homeowners Insurance in Florida?

At Karla Salmon Insurance, we get a lot of questions about homeowners insurance from property owners in the Winter Springs and Oviedo, FL areas. The more our areas grow, the more questions increase in numbers and scope. Some of these questions involve outbuildings on a property. Here are some of the more frequent questions and answers.

What is an Outbuilding?

An outbuilding is a structure located on a property but separate from the main building. Examples include sheds, storage units, an unattached garage, and fencing.

Does my Homeowners Insurance Cover These Outbuildings?

The short answer is "probably". Many policies cover these structures to mirror the coverage of the main structure. However, outbuildings may not be covered for damage caused by lack of maintenance, pests, or insect damage. They may also be uncovered due to damage from flooding if a separate flood insurance policy is not in place on the main structure.

Are There Limits to Coverage of Outbuildings

Outbuilding coverage is generally tied to the overall limits of the primary homeowners’ insurance policy. This may include limits on the coverage of an outbuilding’s contents.

If you own a home in the Winter Springs and Oviedo, FL areas, you are in the midst of explosive growth. This includes massive commercial and residential developments. Home values are rapidly increasing, meaning you can quickly outgrow your homeowners’ insurance. Karla Salmon Insurance can review your present home insurance policy and provide a price quote. If you are unsure about your homeowner insurance and its coverage and limits, reach out to Karla Salmon Insurance, which serves Winter Springs, Geneva, Sanford, and Oviedo, FL.