Letting Someone Borrow Your Car? What You Need To Know About auto Insurance Coverage

Did you know that if you let a friend or relative borrow your car, that might affect your auto insurance?

If you have car insurance coverage through Karla Salmon Insurance or any other agency, you are responsible for that coverage. If you aren’t behind the wheel of your car, and neither is someone who shares your policy, you may have to deal with unfavorable consequences whether your car is driven in Oviedo, FL or elsewhere.

Auto Insurance Follows The Car

Don’t let your friend talk you into letting him or her borrow your car by telling you that their car coverage will protect them in case of an accident. If your car is being driven, you are the responsible party. Generally, car insurance coverage is tied to the vehicle, not to the individual who is the policyholder.

If the person borrowing your car is a family member who is explicitly covered by your insurance policy (for instance, your spouse), then there’s nothing to worry about. However, your friend cannot be protected by his or her own policy while driving your car; it’s your insurance that remains in effect.

When your Friend Is At Fault In An Accident

If your friend drives your car and the trip goes smoothly, you are both lucky; your car coverage is not impacted. However, if the uninsured driver causes a car accident with your vehicle, your insurance must pay for both your car’s damages and for the other driver’s accident-related costs.

Though you may not need to pay out of pocket, you may see the impact in the form of a premium raise. Your insurance provider may also change your coverage limits. Of course, if you incur any fees directly resulting from the accident, you can sue the person who borrowed your car in order to force them to pay for the damages. However, your auto insurance impact will last for at least a year or longer.

When The Other Driver Is At Fault

That being said, if the uninsured driver of your collides with another car and the accident is deemed the other party’s fault, your insurance is not responsible. in that case, the other party’s insurance pays for the damages to your car, and may even take care of any medical expenses your uninsured driver may endure.

However, if during the car accident report release and subsequent investigation, your car insurer finds out that in fact, you weren’t the person driving your vehicle, your premiums may hit an all-time high anyway.

Ready To Purchase Your Coverage?

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