Is Commercial Insurance a Necessity?

At Karla Salmon Insurance, we have had to talk many Oviedo, FL businesses into purchasing commercial insurance for their business. Many don’t quite understand why these policies are so essential but appreciate buying them once they make the purchase. 

Commercial Insurance is a Wise Investment

Commercial insurance – while not a legal requirement – is typically an excellent idea for most businesses. These policies provide a myriad of benefits. First of all, they help to provide you with financial help in lawsuits and other problematic situations. This coverage helps to keep your money and your investment safe from loss. 

Secondly, commercial insurance is designed to not only protect your investment but keep your company running as well. These benefits are critical if something causes your business to shut down. Without this help, you’ll find yourself without income and struggling to stay afloat and may even trigger bankruptcy.

Policy Types to Purchase 

Commercial insurance comes in many different policy types. The first type you’ll want is a general liability, which helps to protect you from lawsuits if somebody is injured as a result of your business operation. Auto policies are also a great idea if you own company vehicles. 

Other types of policies to consider include life insurance, disability insurance, and workers’ compensation. These all help to keep your employees safe and protect you from their lawsuits. And business interruption insurance pays you if a disaster makes your business impossible to run and you lose profits.

How to Find Great Policies

If you live in Oviedo, FL and you need commercial insurance, please contact us at Karla Salmon Insurance. Our experts have years of experience helping people like you and will work hard to ensure that you get the high-quality policy that your business needs to stay protected.