Does Home Insurance Cover My Valuables If They Were Stolen Outside of the Home?

At Karla Salmon Insurance in Oviedo, FL, we help homeowners cover their houses and the valuables inside their homes. When your most prized possessions are stolen, figuring out whether you can pay for their replacement can be stressful. While each policy specifies terms and limits, we can offer general guidance and hop around the topic of stolen belongings below.

Does Home Insurance Cover Stolen Belongings Outside the House?

Although break-ins threaten homeowners, valuable possessions are at risk of theft outside the home. Many home insurance policies provide coverage for valuables even if they’re stolen off the premises of the primary dwelling. For example, if you find yourself traveling and notice that a thief snagged your luggage, you might be able to file a claim and cover the costs of replacing the stolen items through your insurance policy. Of course, limits and policy terms apply to this situation. Even if you can’t be reimbursed for the entirety of the costs of the stolen items, this can help ease the financial burden after this devastating event happens. 

If your home insurance policy wouldn’t usually cover an item, or you’ve reached your limits, then it’s doubtful it would be covered if it’s stolen outside the home. If an item was in an area outside the house already covered by your home insurance policy, such as the garage or deck, it should still be covered. For special items like collectibles, you may want to get an insurance policy that specifically covers those valuables, so they’re covered inside and outside the home.

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