Why Are Certain Dog Breeds Precluded From Home Insurance Policies?

Here at Karla Salmon Insurance, providing residents in Oviedo, FL with home insurance, two of the questions that we are asked are why certain dog breeds are precluded from home insurance policies and what happens if you have one of these dog breeds despite them being precluded from your home insurance policy. Read on to find out the answers to these questions. 

Why Are Certain Dog Breeds Precluded From Home Insurance Policies?

Certain home insurance companies preclude certain breeds of dogs because certain breeds of dogs are more likely to bite people and cause injuries. Home insurance companies keep data and then mull over that date to find out what breeds have bitten individuals and lead to home insurance claims being filed. Based on that information, companies have decided to preclude these breeds of dogs from home insurance policies or increase the price of your policy based on the breed of dog you own because they are considered high-risk. 

What Happens If You Have a Dog Breed That Is Precluded From Your Home Insurance Policy? 

If your home insurance policy precludes a breed of dog from your policy, it does not mean that you cannot own that type of dog. You can still own the dog. However, if your dog happens to bite someone or cause injury to someone, your home insurance policy will not cover the costs associated with that event. You will be personally responsible for any costs, including medical care. 

Here at Karla Salmon Insurance, serving the greater Oviedo, FL area, we want to match homeowners up with the right insurance policy for their needs. Some companies do preclude specific breeds of dogs, while other companies may offer insurance with no breed exclusions. We can help you find the insurance plan that fits your family’s needs. Call us today to get started.