What to Do After an Accident

Auto Accident Guide: Steps to Take After an Incident

Most drivers may experience a car accident at some point, especially if they have been driving for a long duration. Here’s a guide to help you know what to do if you ever get involved in an accident.

Ensure Safety First

The Initiative after an accident is to confirm the safety of all implicated parties. Check for any injuries on yourself, then verify the well-being of your passengers and the occupants of the other vehicle.

If anyone is injured, summon an ambulance right away because people’s safety supersedes any insurance matters. In many cases, drivers involved in accidents around Oviedo, FL, can also relocate their vehicles to a secure location.

Exchange Critical Information

Switch contact and insurance data with the other driver involved in the accident. This includes names, addresses, phone numbers, insurers, and policy numbers. Acquiring contact information from any witnesses can be advantageous, too.

At Karla Salmon Insurance, we suggest drivers carry a physical copy of their insurance data in their vehicle, although looking it up on your phone is also feasible.

Document the Scene Accurately

Taking photographs of the accident scene can be beneficial when completing your insurance claim, mainly when there’s ambiguity concerning who’s at fault.

Capture images of all involved vehicles from a range of angles, showing the damage and the entire scene. Document any crucial road signs, traffic lights, or stop signs as well.

Call the Police if Required

In case of significant accidents, those that involve injuries or property damage, or any disagreement related to the accident’s occurrence, call the police. A police report delivers a credible and neutral document detailing the officer’s observations and the reported statements.

Reach Out for Auto Insurance Help

For auto insurance assistance, get in touch with Karla Salmon Insurance. Having helped numerous Oviedo, FL drivers, we’re here to assist you, too.