Four Types of Commercial Property Insurance

Most Oviedo, FL businesses have assets to protect. A few different types of commercial property insurance help protect different assets.

1. Building Coverage

Building coverage is foundational to commercial property insurance. It generally protects the physical structure of the business premises, including walls, roofs, and attached fixtures. 

In Oviedo, FL, where weather conditions can sometimes be harsh, this coverage is vital for safeguarding buildings against storm damage. It normally protects against fire, vandalism, and other risks.

2. Contents Coverage

Contents coverage is designed to protect the items inside the business premises. This could include furniture, equipment, inventory, and other personal property. 

3. Tenants Betterment Coverage

Tenant betterment coverage is for businesses that lease their space. The coverage typically applies to any improvements or customizations made to the leased property. It could insure a range of built-in fixtures, such as cabinets, counters, storage closets, bookcases, plumbing and electricity, and more.

4. Signage Coverage

Signage coverage typically protects against the loss or damage of outdoor signs that are not attached to the building. Given Oviedo’s susceptibility to strong storms, this coverage is crucial for businesses with detached signs.

Make Sure Your Business’s Property is Insured

If you run a business with a building or any other notable assets, we at Karla Salmon Insurance can help ensure those assets are protected well. Our agents here at Karla Salmon Insurance have helped many businesses, large and small, insure their buildings, contents, improvements, and signs. We’ll work closely with you to find a commercial property insurance policy that gives the projections your business needs.