Does My Commercial Policy Cover Hurricane Damage?

Business owners in Florida need commercial insurance to protect their business from different types of financial loss, including liability and theft. While commercial insurance covers many things, one thing it won’t cover is hurricane damage. Hurricane and flood damage are separate policies that must be added. The agents at Karla Salmon Insurance work with business owners in Oviedo, FL when it comes to making sure their business is fully protected.

Commercial Policies

Commercial insurance policies are written to protect businesses from various types of loss. This can include liability that results from injuries sustained in slip and fall accidents, product defects/malfunctions, theft, and vandalism, just to name a few. These types of policies normally do not cover weather-related damages or damages sustained by sewer malfunctions. Those damages are normally covered through a protection plan from the local utility company.

Hurricane Coverage

Florida is a state known for hurricanes and strong storms. Insurance companies offer hurricane and flood insurance to businesses in addition to the regular commercial policies that can be purchased. In most cases, hurricane and flood insurance policies are sold separately from one another. Hurricanes are known for high winds, excessive precipitation, floods, and storm surges. The types of damages caused by this type of event can be extensive, requiring massive renovations and, in some cases, complete re-builds.

At Karla Salmon Insurance, the agents can explain the different types of policies and which ones will offer the most benefits to your business. If you live in the vicinity of Oviedo, FL, call and schedule an appointment today to find out about the different policies that are available to protect your business.