What Your Teen Should Know About Auto Insurance

Getting a driver’s license is a huge milestone for any teenager. It can also be a time of worry for parents. Karla Salmon Insurance is dedicated to helping our Oviedo, FL families navigate the exciting, and sometimes scary, world of auto insurance for teens. Here we have created a shortlist of important insurance facts every teen driver should know.

Insurance Is Required By Law

Every vehicle you drive in Florida must meet the minimum legal insurance requirement. This means you have to have at least personal injury protection and property damage liability on your car insurance policy. If you cannot show proof of insurance, then you could face conviction, fines, and have your license suspended for violating the law. 

Stay Safe

Florida is a Zero Tolerance state for driving under the influence as a minor. If you are caught driving drunk under the age of 21 you will have your license suspended. Reckless driving (such as causing property damage or texting while driving) also has long-lasting consequences for your driving record. These dangerous activities can have a negative impact on your standing with your insurance provider. Not only could you risk losing your insurance or license, but you are also endangering your life and those around you.

Responsible Driving Is Rewarding

Being a smart, conscientious driver is not only safe, but it’s also rewarding, too. Many communities in and around Oviedo, FL offer special recognition for teen drivers that practice good driving habits. Look into your local chapter of Students Against Destructive Decisions (SADD) for fun and educational driver safety instruction. Taking a driver training course, keeping up good grades, and obeying underage traffic curfews all look fantastic on your record for insurance.

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