3 Facts About Home Insurance You Need To Know

At Karla Salmon Insurance, we offer quotes for home insurance among many other lines of business. Home insurance provides coverage in case of damage to a home’s interior or exterior, loss or damage to property in the home, and liability coverage for accidents on the property. However, every home insurance policy has a liability limit. In case of an unfortunate situation, you will only be compensated that amount.

Facts About Home Insurance

1. A home insurance Policy is not a Mortgage Insurance

Mortgage insurance protects your lender from losing money in case you default because of illness or death. It offers a guarantee that you will pay the mortgage in full. While the purpose of home insurance is to protect homeowners, mortgage insurance protects the lenders.

2. A Home Insurance Policy Is Not a Home Warranty

A home warranty is an additional coverage to help with repairs and replacements. Home warranties cover specifics such as plumbing and electronics’ repair. Home warranties are diverse depending on your budget and situation. Even though both home insurance and home warranties cover you against unforeseen problems, home warranties are used to offer coverage that isn’t offered by home insurance. Home insurance, for example, doesn’t cover normal wear and tear.

3. Home Insurance Doesn’t Always Cover Natural Disasters

Acts of God’ such as floods, earthquakes, lightning, and strong winds aren’t usually covered by standard home insurance. For such insurance, you may need to buy additional coverage. It is crucial to talk to your insurance provider about it and find out which natural disaster if any, they cover.

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