5 Things You Didn’t Know Your Home Insurance Could Do

The insurance on your Oviedo, FL home protects you from a number of likely threats. The payouts from these policies ensure you can always rebuild or relocate after a major disaster. However, there are other things your policy from Karla Salmon Insurance can do that protect your personal wealth and make life a little easier.

  • When your home needs big repairs, living through the inconvenience of construction can make your life miserable. Some home policies include payment for temporary lodgings due to covered events. Instead of suffering through a mess or paying out of pocket for temporary accommodations, you can enjoy comfortable surroundings at no additional costs.
  • Long power outages can ruin your family’s food supply. When a fluctuation leaves you without refrigeration, your homeowner’s policy could help you restock. Some contracts include coverage for power events that leave your kitchen full of rotten food.
  • Even in the afterlife, your homeowner’s insurance could still be working hard for you. Some policies cover gravestones as well. If the site falls victim to vandals or covered environmental events, the policy helps pay for replacements and repairs.
  • Did your home entertainment plans get derailed by a natural disaster? Your homeowner’s policy might contain a clause that allows you to claim damages for big events on your property that are spoiled by certain circumstances.
  • Your homeowner’s liability insurance has a further reach than your physical property. Any legal actions brought against you that relate to your property can qualify for an insurance payout. These funds help you afford lawyers, court fees, and legal judgments.

Every homeowner’s insurance policy is unique. Talk to the experts at Karla Salmon Insurance for advice on customizing your Oviedo, FL policies to fit your preferences, resources, and circumstances.