Do All Oviedo Homeowners Need Home Insurance?

Home insurance may sometimes feel like a universal thing. After all, why would someone own something as valuable as property and then choose not to protect it? But the reality may be more complicated than this, and it’s something that you should be aware of if you’re interested in protecting your resale value. If you live in Oviedo, FL, Karla Salmon Insurance is here to give you more information about whether it’s required or not. 

The Standard Laws 

If your home is financed through a lender, then you’re typically required to carry a certain amount of coverage. This is the lender’s why of ensuring that they don’t lose out on their investment. If you live in an HOA, there may also be rules about having coverage that all homeowners are required to follow. This is the development’s way of keeping everyone’s home values protected so the development can remain desirable. It can also help safeguard against community-wide incidents (e.g., a fire that spreads from home to home). 

Understanding Home Insurance 

Unlike a car in most states, there is no requirement for home insurance if the owner owns the property free and clear in Oviedo, FL. And this is something that all homeowners need to take into consideration. Because other people’s homes do affect the overall valuation of your block. And if people aren’t taking care of them, neglect can ultimately impact your home’s value. 

For the most part, you can rest assured that people have home insurance to protect their investment in your neighborhood. However, it helps to know about the potential outliers just in case. If you’re concerned about keeping up your coverage, give Karla Salmon Insurance a call today to learn more about how different kinds of policies work to protect you.