Ways You Can Protect Your Car from Theft

If you have not installed anything to slow down professional car thieves, you are making your car more attractive to thieves. Car theft cases have increased in Oviedo, FL, and other parts of America in the past few years. The most frequently stolen vehicles include Honda Civic, Honda Accord, Jeep Cherokee, Dodge Pickup, and Nissan Altima.  Even if your car is not among them, it’s still at risk of getting stolen. Karla Salmon Insurance explains several ways you can prevent car theft.

Be smart about where you park your car

Dark unattended areas can create great opportunities for thieves to get away with your car. At night, always make sure your vehicle is parked in well-lit areas and install a motion sensor or security camera if the area is not lit enough.

Lock the doors and remove the keys from the car

80 Percent of vehicles stolen in the US happen due to car key accessibility. Not locking the door or leaving your car keys lying anywhere around the car is one great way to invite thieves. It only takes seconds for someone to jump in and get away with your vehicle.

Never leave valuables in your car

Regardless of where you’re going, never leave valuables in the car. Leaving a purse, phone, laptop, or other valuable items in your car may attract unnecessary attention, particularly from thieves. If you have to take these items with you, don’t leave them in the car and if you have to, keep them out of sight.

Install alarm systems and anti-theft devices 

In Oviedo, FL, there exist many systems designed to alert you or stop your vehicle from moving if they’re triggered. An audible alarm is enough to warn you that all is not well. The unwanted noise will also chase away any thief trying to break into your car. You can also invest in a steering wheel lock or wheel lock to deter a car thief.

Don’t forget to buy enough auto insurance to replace the car if the worst happens. Karla Salmon Insurance can help you review your policy and add coverages based on your needs. Call us today.

4 Risks Not Covered By Home Insurance

When procuring for a home insurance policy from Karla Salmon Insurance in Oviedo, FL, it’s wise to know what’s covered and what’s not covered. This understanding will save you from incurring costs and experiencing heartache when filing a claim. To help you stay informed, we have highlighted some perils that are not covered by your typical homeowner’s insurance. This way, you will make an informed decision when shopping for home insurance coverage.

Floods and earthquake damages

When obtaining your homeowner insurance coverage, it’s worth noting that damages resulting from earthquakes and floods are not covered. In unfortunate cases where such perils damage your home, you will incur the costs of reconstructions or repairs. 

Since such occurrences are real and can occur when you least expect them, you should consider purchasing separate insurance coverage against such perils.

Normal wear and tear

Your typical home insurance won’t compensate you for damages resulting from things you are capable of preventing. Such things are considered to have happened due to your negligence, and you should cover them yourself. 

Home-based business 

If you have started a home-based business, it’s essential to purchase commercial insurance for optimal protection. While home insurance protects your dwelling and its contents, it won’t cushion you against liabilities emanating from your business. For instance, home insurance won’t cover medical expenses if a customer gets injured within your home premises. 

Pest and mold infestation

Home insurance assumes that you will observe due care to keep pests and molds at bay. You can’t watch pests, such as termites destroy your home, and then you go seeking help from your insurer. Such claims will face rejections since you left them to happen when you were in a position to take preventative measures.

Home insurance in Oviedo, FL

Would you like to learn more about home insurance? Please contact Karla Salmon Insurance for more information. Besides, we will advise riders to consider covering you against the above home insurance exclusions.

Is Commercial Insurance Required for Home-based Business?

Today, the mode of running businesses has changed. Instead of the brick-and-mortar office setting, many businesses are operating from home. Whether it’s with a view of making cost savings or flexibility, home-based businesses are here to stay. But with home-based business ventures, there is confusion when it comes to insurance. Does home insurance protect your business? Do you need commercial insurance? If you are a home-based entrepreneur wondering the kind of insurance you need, stick on as Karla Salmon Insurance of Oviedo, FL, clears the air. 

Does home insurance cover my home-based business?

Home insurance is designed to protect your home and other assets from damage or loss from perils like theft, fire, hurricanes, and many more. Although your home insurance has personal belongings coverage, this may cover your home-based assets for a limited amount. 

Furthermore, while your home insurance may have liability coverage, this won’t cover any liabilities related to your business operations. For instance, if a supplier falls and breaks their leg when making a delivery to your home-based business, home insurance won’t cover the medical expenses. So what’s next?

Commercial insurance for home-based businesses

Given the shortcomings of home insurance for your home-based business, home-based entrepreneurs need to consider commercial insurance for broad coverage. Here are commercial insurance options you should consider for your home-based business. 

  • Business liability coverage: Covers you against advertising injury, property damage, and bodily injury sustained to others. If third parties visit your business, you must consider this coverage. 
  • Commercial property insurance: Do you have significant assets for your business? If the value of your assets is above, let say, $2,500, you must purchase commercial property insurance to protect your assets. 
  • Professional liability: If you offer consultancy services, like accounting or legal, this coverage protects you against missed deadlines and alleged negligence. 
  • Cyber liability insurance: If your business has any online presence, this coverage protects you against malicious online activities. 

Would you like to cover your Oviedo, FL, home-based business? Please contact Karla Salmon Insurance to discuss your commercial insurance needs. 

Home insurance options for Oviedo, FL residents

There is something about being a homeowner. Having a place that you can call your home comes with an unrivaled sense of fulfillment. But have you taken the necessary steps to safeguard your invaluable asset? Purchasing the right amount of home insurance coverage from Karla Salmon Insurance for your Oviedo, FL home is one of the best investment decisions you will ever make.

Because we understand that there is no one-size-fits-all home insurance, we will walk you through the following home insurance options to find the right coverage for you.

Dwelling coverage: It’s the basis for all homeowners. It covers the building itself, floors, roofs, walls, built-in ceilings, and any other structure attached to your house. It protects against several risks like fire, hail, theft, and vandalism. In case of a total loss, it can rebuild your home up to your policy limit.

Contents coverage: Covers personal belongings like electronics, furniture, and clothing. If a covered incident were to occur, you would get compensated for the lost/damaged items as defined by your policy.

Personal liability coverage: Protects you against bodily damage that occurs to third parties within your premises or elsewhere. Liability insurance also covers damages that you might have inflicted on the neighbor’s property.

The standard home insurance coverage doesn’t protect you against all perils despite your policy limit. With this in mind, it’s wise to consider the following optional home insurance coverages.

  • Flood insurance protects your building and its contents against flood damage.
  • Umbrella insurance covers excess liability when your typical insurance cover runs out.
  • Other structures coverage covers detached structures like the gazebo, shed, and the swimming pool against damage.

Ready to get started with home insurance? Whether it’s a new or old home, at Karla Salmon Insurance located in Oviedo, FL, we will partner with you to find a home insurance solution that works best for you. Contact us today.

Who needs auto insurance in Oviedo?

When you are in the Oviedo, FL area it will make a lot of sense to purchase your own vehicle. If you are in the market to buy a car when you are here, you also need to get the right insurance for it. There are a lot of situations when someone will need to get a full auto insurance plan when they are in this area of Florida. 

Those with Auto Loans

A situation when you will need to have an auto insurance plan is when you have taken out financing to purchase the vehicle. Anyone that would like to buy a car should make sure that they comply with any standards and regulations set forth by their auto loan provider. Most of the time, this will require that you carry a full auto insurance plan with collision and comprehensive protection.

Those that Want to Drive Legally

You should also get an auto insurance plan if you want to be able to drive the car legally. If you intend to drive a car on a public road in Florida, you will need to carry a liability insurance plan. This coverage ensures that you will be able to pay for any damages that you may cause if you are in an accident. If you do not maintain this protection, you could face serious penalization if caught. 

Those that would like to get an auto insurance plan when they are in the Oviedo, FL area need to make sure they speak with someone that understands this form of coverage. The team with Karla Salmon Insurance can help you assess your insurance needs and options. Karla Salmon Insurance can then give the support that is needed to build a plan that is ideal for your situation. 

How does commercial insurance protect someone in Oviedo?

The Oviedo, FL area continues to be a great place to live and work. For those that are familiar with the area, it is also a great place to start a business. As you are looking to establish a company here, you also need to get proper insurance. There are a few reasons why you should get a commercial insurance plan when in this area of Florida. 

Insurance Gives Protection for Liability

A reason that you should get a commercial insurance plan for your business is that it can offer you protection against liability risk. Anyone that would like to start a business is going to take on liability risk as you are ultimately responsible if your product or service causes harm to someone. With a commercial insurance plan, you are going to receive the coverage necessary to mitigate your liability risk.

Insurance Protects Company Assets

A business owner should also get a commercial insurance plan because it can protect all of their business assets. If you choose to invest in assets for your business, you will want to know that they are well protected. With a commercial insurance plan, you can receive coverage to repair or replace a variety of assets including inventory, major equipment or other valuable assets owned by your company.

Those that are going to start a company in the Oviedo, FL area need to get a commercial insurance plan. When you choose to get commercial insurance coverage here, it would be helpful to call Karla Salmon Insurance. The team with Karla Salmon Insurance understands the importance of getting the proper coverage for your business. When you speak with the team here, they can help give you the support that you need to build and choose a new plan for your organization. 

Do I always need to get home insurance?

The Oviedo, FL area is a great place for people to move to. This area of Florida has a growing economy and population as well as great weather and local amenities. As you are looking to buy a home here, you should also spend time thinking about your insurance needs. There are a few different reasons why you will need to get home insurance when you are going to purchase a home in this area of Florida.

Insurance Will Ensure Compliance

An important reason that you should get home insurance when you are in this area of Florida is that it will ensure you are in compliance with various agreements. The typical property owner in this area of Florida is going to have to meet insurance standards that are set by mortgage lenders, home associations, and other interested parties. When you get full coverage, you can remain in compliance with these obligations.

Insurance Protects Assets

A quality insurance policy is also going to provide you with coverage for your assets. Your home insurance policy will offer protection to repair your home if it is damaged or even to replace your personal belongings that are stored under your roof. This can help you do not lose your assets due to an unforeseen situation. 

There are a lot of reasons why someone in the Oviedo, FL area will need to get home insurance. If you are going to purchase a property here and need a new insurance policy, it would be a good idea for you to call Karla Salmon Insurance. The team with Karla Salmon Insurance understands the need for someone to get protection for their home. They can help you by assessing your situation and giving the proper guidance that you need to choose a new policy. 

3 Tips for Buying Homeowner’s Insurance in Oviedo FL

Home insurance is an easy and affordable way to protect your property. In fact, this asset is so valuable, it needs to be insured in order for the bank to give you a mortgage. Home insurance comes into play when you need to file a claim, such as a liability claim, or a claim for something like fire or theft. If you want to purchase home insurance for your property, read the following three tips to help you get started. 

1. Work with a Reputable Agent

The first thing you need to do to get on the right track in the home insurance buying process is to contact a reputable insurance agent. This individual will ask you a few questions to determine what you need to be covered and the amount you need to cover it. He or she is available to answer all your questions and concerns while you evaluate quotes. If you want to save time and be successful in the process, reach out to a reputable agent at Karla Salmon Insurance. 

2. Compare Many Quotes

No two insurance policies are exactly the same. For this reason, it’s important to compare more than one homeowner’s insurance policy before making a choice. The recommendation, according to Karla Salmon Insurance, is to compare three or more homeowner’s insurance quotes. 

3. Bundle Your Policies

What other insurance policies do you have? Do you have an auto insurance policy? Life? If so, bundle your new homeowner’s insurance policy with your existing policies to save on your premiums. 

To learn more about buying a home insurance policy in Oviedo, FL, you need to contact a reputable agent. Start by calling our team today. 

Do You Need Theft Protection for Your Vehicle in Oviedo?

Theft protection for your vehicle is usually optional if you own it outright, but not everyone realizes this. Many owners will call their insurance company in the case of a stolen auto, even if it’s not actually covered under their policy. If you’re in Oviedo, FL and want to learn more about how theft works, Karla Salmon Insurance wants you to know more. 

Facts and Considerations 

There are a number of anti-theft devices available for drivers today. There are devices out there that will lock your steering wheel or the gas pedal. Or they’ll track down the car using a GPS if someone happens to take it. You might very well choose to rely on this if you have the option. 

But there’s a reason why you’re required to have full coverage on your vehicle if you finance it in any way, and that’s because these strategies aren’t always a reliable way to keep thieves at bay. Whether you forget to use a device or it malfunctions, there’s just too much chance there to take. Having the right auto insurance coverage is the best way to keep yourself protected from theft, as it ensures you get what you need in case there’s no recovering the vehicle. 

Taking Action Today 

Karla Salmon Insurance is here to discuss options with you. Whether you live, work, or visit areas that are more likely to experience car theft, we want to ensure that you feel comfortable going wherever you need to go (and parking wherever you need to park too). If you’re in Oviedo, FL, we can make your auto insurance policy everything it needs to be and more. We look forward to giving you the personalized advice you need to make smart decisions. 

Auto insurance tips for new drivers in Oviedo, FL

New car ownership comes with endless freedom and possibility. That is why it comes with a bit of practical advice–with great driving comes insurance responsibilities. At Karla Salmon Insurance, we always recommend buying enough auto insurance to make sure you do not find yourself in the wrong hands of the law.

Remember, you are supposed to carry a minimum auto insurance coverage for your vehicle in Oviedo, FL. Here are a few tips to help you when you are out to buy new insurance for your car.

Have a budget

While price should never come first when it comes to your safety, a budget helps you determine where to focus. There are cheaper coverages offered by small insurance agencies, which will not be useful to you in the event of a fatal accident. The amount you spend on your premiums determines the amount you will receive as compensation.

Evaluate your insurance needs

You have a life to live after insurance, so make sure all needs are considered when creating a budget. Are you getting married soon? Do you have children in college in the coming years or teenagers who will need to use your car when going somewhere? If that is the case, you can always speak to your insurance expert in Oviedo, FL, to advise you accordingly.

Research your options

Different insurance providers have different ways of calculating insurance premiums.  For this reason, they have to consider various factors such as your address, the model of the car, year of manufacture, your driving records, and many other factors to come up with a solid rate. That doesn’t mean you go for the lowest. Learn what is covered and the limits offered before making a final decision.

As you enjoy being in the driver’s seat, remember to follow the rules and regulations to stay safe. For more information about auto insurance, feel free to contact Karla Salmon Insurance, and we will be happy to help.